Sunday, 2 September 2012

Croissant and Crepe in Paris

Thinking of what to eat for breakfast in Paris can be very bothering due to the limited choice we have. While many prefer the simple continental breakfast made up of a cup of coffee and a piece of freshly baked pastry, you might want to consider a change if you have more days to spend in Paris. Walking along the downtown of Paris, you will be able to find some crepe stalls lining along the street, run by the Turkish or Middle Eastern who roll out more interesting crepes with better variety of fillings compared to the authentic French crepe.

La Pointe Saint Eustache Cafe

Croissant and espresso

The making of French crepes

Slathered generously with Nutella spread 

This crepe is a meal in itself for small eaters.

1 Rue Montmarte,
75001 Paris, France.
01 42 33 15 05

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  1. Did you try any kebab's from any Middle-East place?