Sunday, 28 October 2012

My New Toy - CBTL Kaldi

My passion for coffee making continues to grow despite owning quite a number of coffee / espresso machines. A new member has recently joined my collection of coffee machines. Unlike the espresso machine and syphon brewer which are not commonly found in the kitchen of coffee lovers, the single serve beverage system machines have gained much popularity owing to its easy to handle system and coffee of excellent taste. 

CBTL Red Kaldi @ RM990

A capsule machine with a sleek design and fancy shiny red  body.

Large water storage compartment

Capsules in a variety of colours indicating different flavours of coffee and tea

Insert the coffee capsule into the slot

Press the button and a smooth stream of coffee fluid will appear before you in perfect body and aroma.

Handcrafted coffee is ready in a minute.


  1. Looks like nothing else will beat this! :)

    1. For better or worse, till death do us part. :)